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How We Help You

Cowbelly is a boutique creative, design and web agency serving pet brands just like yours.

We create all the visuals you need (photos, videos, graphics), create your branding, and design your website so you can focus on the fun stuff: brainstorming new pet products and services, serving your customers and generating revenue.

Services We Provide

Creative & Design Services

Web & Email Services

Commercial Animal Photography

Custom lifestyle, studio and/or product photo shoots. We create organic, authentic, engaging, modern pet photography that captures attention and increases conversions.

Videos & Cinemagraphs

Custom and stock dog and cat video clips, edited video stories and cinemagraphs.

Stock Dog and Cat Photos

Pre-created stock dog, cat and other animal photos for social media, web, print, display, ad use and more.


Photo Retouching

Professional retouching of client content, UGC, and our content. Dog and cat retouching specialists.

Branding & Graphic Design

Full-suite branding packages (logo, fonts, colors, graphics), and social media graphics, icons, graphic details, quote graphics, and more.

Web Design

Modern, responsive website and landing page design for pet businesses, on an easy-to-manage platform. We’ll even do all the updates and maintenance for you.

Landing Page Design

Landing page design for giveaways, contests, product launches, sales pages, surveys & more.

Email Design & Funnels

Email template design, funnel creation, email content, list growth and email campaign management.

Content Creation / Copywriting

Website copy, blog & article content, email newsletter copy, ad copy and other copy for pet brands.

Misc Web Services

Performance optimization (e.g. making your website speedier), search engine optimization, website audits and more. 

be found.
be seen.
be loved.
Our Process

You can spend all the money in the world on a stellar marketing strategy, but if your visuals fall flat, your investment will be wasted.

We have a unique way of approaching the work that we do, and we call this way a ‘visuals-first’ strategy. We know that in modern marketing, you have merely fractions of a second to grab a user’s attention, and the way you do that is through compelling and unique visuals.

Users will just keep scrolling/swiping on by if they don’t immediately fall in love with your visuals.

Once you’ve hooked them, then you can tell your message, share your mission, and inform them about your products and services.

But you have to hook them first. You have to get them to feel something.

And that’s the hard part. That’s where we come in.


You come to us needing something- a website design, new graphics, custom photography, etc. and we take a look at what you have now and determine how we can best help.

If it’s a website we may do a website audit, if you’ve been using stock photos we may do a visuals analysis. We’ll determine how we can design/create the assets you need to help your marketing efforts soar, and send you our recommendations in a detailed proposal and estimate. 

We’ll even suggest future work that will support your business’ success well into the future.

Design & Creation

After we determine what you need, and you are on board with the scope of work we propose, we get to work designing unique assets for your business that will help you succeed with your marketing efforts.

Maybe this is a product launch landing page, or a custom stock photo library, or a full branding suite to solidify your brand.

Whatever it is that we create for you, we promise to pour as much love and passion into it’s creation as you pour into your business.

We revise, refine and polish until you are thrilled with the results.


We deliver your new assets to wherever they will be most powerful for you. We’ll place your landing pages on your server, upload your branding assets to your DropBox account, send you documents with your new copywriting, etc.

We make sure that everyone on your team has access to the assets you’ll use and love moving forward. And that they know how to use them.

If we are providing you with monthly retainer services as well, we’ll also place your assets in a central folder for our team to use in the services we provide you.


After we have handed off your beautiful and modern new assets, you will inject our visual and design magic into your marketing and advertising efforts and watch your engagement skyrocket.

No more swiping/scrolling on by from your potential customers.

Consumers purchase from brands they fall in love with, and there’s no better way to woo them emotionally than with beautiful custom visuals and designs. We can’t wait to create yours for you.


Commercial Animal Photography

Ready for new visuals?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

We provide monthly and one-off photo shoots to create content for your social media, print, advertising, packaging and other marketing needs

Pet Brand Visuals Consulting

Didja know?

When people read text, they’re likely to remember only 10% of what they read three days later. But if an engaging image is paired with that same text, people retain 65% of the information three days later. (Hubspot 2019)

Using videos on landing and sales pages increases conversions by 86%. (Wordstream 2018.)

We know these statistics to be true, yet most companies highly underestimate the power of unique, engaging, high-quality visuals when it comes to selling their product or service, and more often than not, they are an afterthought.

We consult with pet brands on their visual content strategy, and help them develop a plan that kicks their marketing efforts into high gear.

We work with every budget, whether that’s a big budget that enables us to do a photo shoot to create custom images and/or video, or a small budget that challenges us to source great quality and affordable stock photos and video. (Yes, they do exist! And we know just where to find them.)

We can even help companies learn how to best use UGC in a way that supports their high-quality visuals plan.

What not to do

The stock photo above has been used 25 million times on the internet by every kind of pet brand imaginable, in everything from digital ads to website homepage headers and more.

It’s cute, yes, but due to it’s popularity, its the opposite of unique.

When you use the same free or paid stock photos that your competitors use, you create marketplace confusion, and remove your chances at establishing brand stickiness.

Investing in custom visuals and designs (photos, graphics, webpages, landing pages), ensures that the money you invest in marketing and advertising will pay off.

Get in touch to learn more about creating a visuals plan that will skyrocket your marketing success.



D.G.- Marketing Director

International pet brand

MADLY in love with the shots. Brilliant job on this shoot…you guys have really managed to capture the authentic and candid dog moments that we’ve been talking about.

E.Y.- Brand Manager

20+ million dollar packaging redesign for major international client

These (photos) are a HUGE upgrade from what we’ve had in the past.

S.C. - Art Director

Agency representing international pet brand

Your work is quite honestly phenomenal! I’ve been doing this for 2 decades now and I am so happy [my client] backed my decision to hire you

K.E.- VP of Creative Services

East coast advertising agency representing national pet supplement brand

Client is LOVING the photography, along with all of the art directors working on the account!

L.R.- Marketing Director

National boutique pet store chain

It was an absolute pleasure working with you.  You gave us 200% … and I so appreciate that.  Thank you for being so organized and thoughtful and focused.

K.F.- Digital Marketing Manager

Popular national pet food brand

You really did an amazing job capturing all of the distinct personalities of the pups!

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