On Sunday December 15th we had the pleasure of photographing dogs (and a cat) and their owners for Embrace Pet Insurance, whose marketing manager and co-founder flew out to Seattle from their headquarters in Ohio for the shoot. Dr. Marty Becker, their new spokesman, also came out to Seattle from his home in Idaho for the shoot. Although we had some bumps on the road, including a flight that almost didn’t make it due to extreme weather, and the cancellation of two of our eight dog models, the shoot was still a blast and all of the people and pets were wonderful to work with.

It can be hard to get engaging and expressive photos of pets in a studio environment, but our talent that day didn’t disappoint.

Huge thanks to the Embrace team for choosing us to do their photography, to the models and their pets who came out for the shoot, to Rocky for assisting with lights and opening the studio, and to Dr. Marty Becker for being so fun to work with. What a great day.

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dr marty becker embrace pet insurance

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