These are the first in an ongoing personal project aptly titled the Graffiti Dogs Project. This is the fusion of three of my favorite things: dogs, graffiti and photography. Over the next few years, I will be conducting a variety of shoots around the city of Seattle in front of some of the best graffiti walls on the West Coast, with only the raddest looking canine models. If you would like to volunteer your obedient pooch to be a volunteer for one of the shoots, please drop us a line at I look forward to the culmination of my images in one super awesome product. Although this is mainly just for fun, I have a end goal for a product I think y’all will love.

BTW: my new favorite photo I have ever taken (yes, I said ever) is below. Can you guess which one it is?

That’s Fergie’s tail on the left. “Furr-gee-ee!”

I promise you this shot wasn’t staged (nor cropped). I was just capturing what I was seeing.

Fergie & Jada.

Words cannot express how much I love dogs and graffiti. The combination of both here has me seriously swooning.

Charlie, Seymour. (AKA Chaos and Trouble)

For my pet photographer friends, we were using a reflector under Charlie and Seymour to get some light underneath them.

Jada does cross-eyed so well.

(ok, I can’t contain myself, I will give you a hint on my favorite shot ever taken- I always save the best for last). Can you say WALL-SIZED canvas? WHOOPEE!! I LOVE YOU FERGIE!! 🙂

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