For many years we’ve been getting questions from other photographers about how to work with commercial clients. I finally realized that the knowledge we’ve gleaned over our many years in business would be helpful for the industry as a whole. So for most of 2018 I was hard at work on writing a variety of different guides for new and aspiring commercial photographers.

After seeing so many colleagues and other retail photographers contacted by ad agencies and big companies to do commercial shoots, I realized there was a growing need in the marketplace for educational resources on the business of commercial photography. I knew I could do some massive info-dumps of knowledge from my 16 years of experience in the industry (11 years of work with ad agencies), hence the creation of the guides.

I had initially placed them on my stock website Fetch Stock, but when the demand grew I realized it made more sense to create their own online resource. So a new website, Facebook group and other social media was born. I’ve been hard at work on the resource since last fall, and it’s finally ready for prime time.

The new site is called CPR: Commercial Photographer’s Resources.

CPR: Commercial Photographer’s Resources is an educational website with free articles and premium written educational products on the topics of commercial photography pricing, marketing, contracts, and more, for new and aspiring commercial photographers. There are guides, documents, forms, contracts, and loads of guides, and a 356-page ebook on commercial photography. These are not specific to commercial pet photographers, but are great for photographers in all genres who need information on working with commercial clients.

I’ve been writing content-rich articles with the hopes that it helps other new commercial photographers avoid the challenges and heartaches that I went through many years ago, and it is my belief that it will become a very valuable resource in the industry.

If you are a photographer in need of information on the business side of commercial photography, be sure to check it out!




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