Photographer Questionnaire

Are you interested in joining the Cowbelly Media team as one of our preferred photographers?

Do you have experience doing commercial pet photography (of any kind of animal) and/or video for pet brands? And/or do you have stock pet photos and/or videos available for commercial licensing?

If yes we’d love to hear from you!

On our team we have junior commercial animal photographers, mid-level commercial animal photographers and senior commercial animal photographers. 

Please complete this questionnaire and we’ll get back to you within five business days.

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Thank you for your interest!

Animal Photographer Questionnaire

How many years of experience do you have doing commercial photography?* (Any subject)

Have you done any commercial shoots for any pet-specific businesses?*

What sized businesses have you done commercial pet photography for?* (Please select all that apply)

What are your animal photography specialties?* (Please select all that apply)

What are your favorite animals to photograph?* (Please select all that apply)

Do you have any stock animal photos available for licensing?*

Do you personally shoot video?*

Do you have any stock videos available for licensing?*

Are you skilled at retouching animal photos?*

What is your daily commercial photography fee?* (Not including licensing fees or expenses)

How important is rights-managed licensing to you?*

How important is restricting the licensing duration to you?*

Are you open to doing full buyout shoots?*

Do you have a model database of animal and/or human models near you?*

Do you have a producer that you work with?

Do you have business insurance that covers your commercial photography shoots?*

Do you register the copyrights on all of the photos you create for commercial clients?*

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