Planning your investment



Your company is ready to make an investment to fast-track your success. So your next question is “how much should we budget to invest in our project?”

The short answer is, “it depends”.  The slightly longer answer is it depends on your project inclusions, the value of the assets we create, and the time it takes to create them. 

We know that’s ambiguous, so here’s what we can tell you:

  • Our small/local business clients tend to invest an average of $5k-$8k in their projects.
  • Our regional/medium-sized clients tend to invest an average of $10k-$20k in their projects.
  • Our large/national clients tend to invest between $20k-$60k in their projects. 
  • Our very large global brand clients tend to invest between $75k-$150k in their projects. 

95% of our projects include two or more services. Some include nearly all our services. 

If you’d like a better idea of what to budget for the service you’re interested in, read on to see packages and average ranges for our most common services.


Photography Investment

Photography Package Pricing

Packages are great for clients who aren’t really sure what they need, but love our photos and trust in our ability to deliver content they (and their pet parent customers) will adore. 

SHOOT TYPESocial Media & Web ShootPrint & Collateral ShootPrint Advertising, Trade show
& Packaging Shoot
Best forSmall businesses & startupsMedium businessesAgencies & large
or enterprise businesses
Client usage needsFor websites, social media, landing pages, emails, digital ads and bannersFor business cards, brochures, pamphlets, flyers and other smaller print use, plus digital useFor full-page magazine ads, billboards, trade show displays, packaging + other large print use
Social media-sized photos203550+
Web-sized photos51015+
A4 print-sized photox57+
High-res (max-size) print photosxx3+
Animal models4 family pet talent6 family pet talent8+ family pet or pro talent
Human models2 real people talent3 real people talent4+ real people or pro talent
Remote viewingAdd-onIncludedIncluded + Client Attended
Retouching1 hour2 hours4+ hours
Price per additional photo$75 social / $150 web / $225 A4 print / $500 high-res printPrice is based on usage license
PRICE$5975$13,975Starts at $19,995
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Custom Photography Pricing

Custom photography pricing is for clients who have very specific needs, want to be more involved in the creative direction of the shoot, and have an understanding of what goes into commercial photography pricing.

From $6k-$75k(+)

We realize this is a huge range. It’s because we do shoots from small half-day social media & web shoots for small startups all the way up to multi-day shoots for global household names to create photos that go on new packaging for worldwide distribution.

  • Most of our small business clients invest between $6k-$8k for a shoot.
  • Regional clients typically invest between $8k-$15k.
  • National clients often invest between $20k-$65k.
  • Global clients usually invest between $75k-$150k, but some projects go as high as $250k. (There are a lot of expenses involved in those shoots!)

We’ll be the first to tell you that if you’re looking for ‘some cheap pics’, we aren’t the agency for you.

If, on the contrary, you are ready to invest in fantastic, super high quality results that are on par with what the big global brands use, we are your people.

Videography to create engaging cinemagraphs or videos that increase the CTR on your ads by as much as 7x typically range in price from $1500-$8000 per video, depending on if it’s a commercial or just a quick edit of some basic video clips. Editing time is the biggest factor when it comes to video pricing, because a video might take us just a few hours to shoot, but 15 or more to edit. Narration, multiple locations and people interviews drive up the price.

Cinemagraph pricing is based on the level of complication in creating the cinemagraph in Photoshop.

We usually add on videos as an add-on service to still photo shoots, but can do them separately as well.

Check out this blog post we wrote that goes into detail on what factors influence the photo/video shoot price.

Also see an example of our work here, or click the orange button to book a discovery call.


Branding & Graphic Design Investment

Branding Package Pricing

Packages are great for clients who aren’t really sure what they need, but love our work and trust in our ability to deliver content they (and their pet parent customers) will adore.

BRANDING PACKAGESimple Brand Visuals PackageStandard Brand Identity PackagePremium Brand Identity Package
Best forSmall businesses & startupsMedium businessesLarge or enterprise businesses
Discovery & strategy increase as prices increase
Audience definition
Brand personality
Competitor analysisModerateMaximum
Customer avatars
Brand voice & messaging
Brand story
Brand traits
Brand analogy* (Gold dust)Add-on
Communication guidelinesAdd-on
Tag line suggestionsAdd-on
Creative direction** (Gold dust)Add-on
The quantity of brand assets increase as prices increase
Color palette
Branded stock photos369
Custom icon graphicsAdd-on36
Facebook + Instagram cover photos Add-on
Business card designAdd-onIncludedIncluded
Letterhead + envelope designsAdd-onIncludedIncluded
Instagram story iconsAdd-onAdd-onIncluded as needed
Custom pet graphicsAdd-onAdd-onIncluded as needed
Simple Brand Board
Brand Identity Guide
Files supplied in .eps+ .png + .jpg
Turnaround time 3-6 weeks6-8 weeks12+ weeks
PRICE$2995$6,995Starts at $12,995
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Custom Branding & Graphic Design Pricing

Custom branding and graphic design pricing is for clients who have very specific needs, who are maybe tweaking existing branding, need branding for a specific product type, or just need a few graphic design elements. 

From $5k-$25k(+)

Every branding and graphic design project is different.

For some projects for small brands we focus on creating a few brand visuals (logo, submark, colors, a social media template and ad design), and keep the discovery process to a minimum. Those are often closer to the $5k-$7k range.

For others we dive in deep on target market research, strategy, mission, foundation and goals, and design a wide variety of different brand visuals/assets. Those are usually in the $15k-$25k range, depending on the size of the company.

Some clients need custom icons or patterns. Others need business naming. While others need product ideas.

Some projects we can accomplish in a matter of weeks, others take many months.

Most of our branding projects include a happy medium of both discovery/strategy and visuals/assets. Those tend to average between $8k-$14k.


Web Design & Web Development Investment

Web Design Package Pricing

Packages are great for clients who aren’t really sure what they need, but love our work and trust in our ability to deliver a website they (and their pet parent customers) will adore.

WEBSITE PACKAGEStarter Marketing WebsiteStandard Marketing WebsiteDeluxe Marketing Website
Best forSmall businesses & startupsMedium businessesLarge or enterprise businesses
HomepageTemplate homepage with 4-5 sectionsCustom-designed homepage with 5-6 sectionsCustom-designed homepage with 8-12 sections
Interior pages3-4 interior template pages with 3-4 sections each5-6 interior template pages with 5-6 sections each8+ pages custom-designed from scratch (one-of-a-kind website)
Total page quantity4-56-78-9+
Additional page cost$750$1000$1500+
Stock photos included3-4 per page5-6 per page7+ per page
Copywriting included250 words per page500 words per page750+ words per page
Contact form1 simple1 conditional2+ conditional
FAQ or service grid1 of either1 of each2+ of each
Photo galleries12-34+
Custom elementsAdd-on2 custom elements (custom branded optin form + 1 other element)Unlimited custom elements
IntegrationsAdd-onMailing list integrationUnlimited integrations
Intake (or other) questionnaireAdd-on1 custom intake/questionnaire form2+ custom intake/questionnaire forms
Booking integrationAdd-on1 simple booking integration1 complex booking integration
Custom post types (e.g. clients, podcasts, etc)N/AAdd-onIncluded as needed
Payment schedule 25% advance to book, balance due in full at project start.2 payments; 50% advance + 50% balance due prior to launch.3+ payments. 50% advance
upon project start, then payments due every 2 weeks until project launch.
Turnaround time 3-6 weeks6-8 weeks12+ weeks
PRICE$4995-$5995$8,995-$9,995Starts at $14,995
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Custom Web Design Pricing

Custom web design pricing is for clients who have very specific needs that don’t fit neatly into the package inclusions and/or add-ons. It’s also for clients who already have all the content they need, and/or need a redesign/rebuild of an existing website. 

From $7k-$20k(+)

Most of our web design projects fall into two categories:

  • marketing/informational websites
  • e-commerce websites

Marketing/informational websites typically range in price from $7k-$12k for a new ‘from scratch site. Those rates include responsive designs for mobile and tablet, basic SEO, and performance optimization. All designs are custom unless agreed upon otherwise prior to proposal acceptance.

E-commerce websites typically range in price from $12k-$20k, depending on the number of products and how many variations each product has.

Additional expenses are common with Shopify and WooCoommerce due to premium plugins/apps, with the former occurring monthly or annually, and the latter occuring annually.

Website redesigns are usually at least as much as a new design, but often more due to the challenge level in reconfiguring existing content.

We also do web development like performance optimization, custom post types (like podcast posts), custom theme development, etc.

Web development is priced by the project or hour depending on the value/benefits of the results, and rates are competitive with what mid-range web developers charge.


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Why Choose Cowbelly®

Trying to design you own content and take your own pet photos is hard. We get it.

You see the beautiful branding and photos on your competitors’ professionally-designed websites and advertisements, and long for something better for your own brand.

That’s where we come in. We’ll be the ‘something better’, but raise you one to ‘something really awesome’.


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We don’t work with food or beauty or healthcare or baby brands. We are 100% about pets here, and we know you are too. 


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With experience comes mastery of skills and depth of knowledge. We have both in spades, which will greatly benefit your project.


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Leverage all the knowledge we’ve gained from working with some of the biggest pet brands in the industry.

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