…we could not of done this without your patience and professional candor/experience! We knew we had the right partner early on and are so grateful for you and your whole team.
-A.N. Associate Creative Director for CBX

Client: Bravecto

Business Type: Flea & tick products for companion animals

Agency: CBX

Location: San Diego


Bravecto had designed new overlays for their marketing and advertising, but didn’t have the right images to fit within those new designs. 

They also felt that their existing imagery lacked connection between the pet and owner. 


Create a variety of custom imagery that demonstrated both the love and connection between pet and owner, as well as the protective element of Bravecto’s products. 


Produce engaging custom images that could be used on their websites, print ads, digital ads and other uses.

Biggest Challenge:

Planning a remote shoot during an impending pandemic! We captured the last shot just before the California governor announced the mandatory quarantine.

We successfully pulled together a dozen people (clients and agency), fully remotely, in multiple locations on the east coast and west, and delivered results they were thrilled with. 

The experience kept the whole team on our toes! 

Best part of the project:

The feeling of satisfaction of ‘getting the shots’, just in the nick of time. 

Slideshow of all our Bravecto photos

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