Dog-Friendly Hotels


“We love the photos and they are going to work great for our new pop-out brochure!”.
-T.F. Marketing Strategist for Pineapple Properties

Client: Various dog-friendly hotels

  • Hotel Max, Seattle WA
  • Hotel Rose, Portland OR
  • The Maxwell Hotel, Seattle WA
  • Pan Pacific Hotel, Seattle WA
  • Mave Hotel, New York NY
  • Cedarbrook Hotel, SeaTac WA
  • Watertown Hotel, Seattle WA
  • Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle WA
  • Hotel Five, Seattle WA

Business Type: Mid-range and luxury dog-friendly hotels

Agency: Client-Direct

Location: Seattle, SeaTac, Portland, New York


Each of our hotel clients had fantastic dog-friendly packages and enjoyed catering to a wide variety of dog clientele, yet they all lacked custom imagery to promote their packages.  

Before we met, each of them were using stock images, which were problematic because they weren’t even taken at the hotel locations. 


Create custom on-site imagery of owners/managers/employee dogs, personalizing the imagery and helping their pet-friendly branding stand out. 


Produce engaging custom images that could be used on their websites, printed brochures, digital ads and other uses.  

Biggest Challenge:

Shooting in and around busy public hotel spaces with a dog, while staying out of guest’s way.  

Best part of the project:

Meeting the hotel mascots and being a part of special services for fellow traveling pet owners. 


Tearsheets of our dog-friendly hotel photos ‘out in the wild’.

Slideshow of all our dog-friendly hotel photos

Click photo to enlarge, then move forward/back with your arrow keys.

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