Rinck & Vetriscience a finalist in the Shorty Awards- Commercial Pet Photography

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I was thrilled to discover that the ad agency Rinck’s campaign for Vetriscience was a finalist in the Real Time Media Buy category of the Shorty Awards for weather-triggered ads. The photos used in the campaign came from our shoot with Rinck in Orlando Florida, so it feels great to have played a small role in their success.

The crazy thing about this is that I was just talking to my dad about the problem with traditional advertising being that it’s intent on driving behavior with little or no connection to current events, like weather for example. I was making the point that advertisers need to respond to consumers’ current needs, instead of trying to create a need that isn’t there. E.g. something happened, or something is happening, that creates a problem for me. Show me the solution during the problem. The folks at Rinck captured that idea perfectly with their ads!

Case in point from the Shorty’s webpage:

‘The strategy drove high levels of engagement with the VetriScience Composure ads, with the click through rate for weather-triggered search ads being 208% higher than an equivalent campaign that was not utilizing weather parameters.’

Well done Rinck!!

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