Dig into a copy of the spring/summer issue of the USA Today Pet Guide Magazine and you’ll find an article called ‘Capture the Magic’, an article written specifically for the average pet owner who wants to capture better photos of their own pets, including a variety of tips from yours-truly. I’ve been in a few ‘pet photography tips’ articles in magazines over the years, but this is arguably the most well-written article I’ve seen on the topic, and the writer Lyndsee Cordes did a fantastic job of interweaving tips from three different pet photographers without losing the flow of the information, so I strongly recommend you check it out.

This issue also highlights a feature article about one of my favorite actresses- Katherine Heigl, a major champion for animal welfare, where she talks about her inspiring work with her Jason Debus Heigl Foundation and her new line of pet products and accessories- Just One, a line designed to help support needy pets. Read more about both of these wonderful causes in the article. A great issue all around!