Wall Art for Pet Businesses

You need dog and cat wall art that your customers will love. We’ve got that for you. 

Our Engaging Photos Bringing Your Customers Joy

Do you need beautiful, engaging wall art for your dog daycare, veterinary practice, dog training center, cat boarding business or other pet-related business?

If yes, then you’ve come to the perfect place! We provide our smile-inducing photos on gallery-wrapped canvases that are durable enough to hold up and look beautiful in any environment you put them in. 

The canvases have a 100+ year print permanence rating, so you’ll never have to worry about investing in wall art for your pet industry business again. 

Here’s how it works. 

Discovery Call

We have a chat about what your needs are and how we can best meet them.

We discuss photos, sizes and pricing, in order to create the perfect outcome for your space.

Then you’ll measure your wall space in order to get the perfect sizes.

Photo Selection

Take a look through our dog and cat gallery and stock pet photography gallery and pick your favorite images.

Make a list of the image numbers for each photo you are interested in. (The numbers are below each photo.)


Send Your List

Email us your list of photos you’d like to have printed on canvas, and include the sizes that you’d like for each.

We’ll pull the files and prep them for print.

We’ll send you an invoice after we receive your list. 

Print & Ship

We’ll collect payment from you for the total order, and retouch the files and place the order with our professional lab.

We’ll have the wall art shipped straight to your pet space in order to cut down on your shipping costs and time.

Hang & Enjoy!

Inject some visual magic into your digital marketing and watch your engagement and conversions skyrocket.

Consumers purchase from brands they fall in love with, and there’s no better way to woo them than with beautiful visuals.

For Veterinarians

Custom dog and cat wall art can help your veterinary practice lobby feel more warm and welcoming. 

Cowbelly Media dog and cat photos can be found on veterinary walls around the country. 

For Dog Daycares

Put a smile on your customer’s faces with joyful dog wall art that greets them every day when they drop their dog off for dog daycare. 

You know you’ll make their dogs happy, why not make your customers happy too?

For Dog Training Centers

Dog owners worry about how their dog will behave, especially when they are bringing them to obedience school for the first time. 

Help them relax by hanging our custom dog wall art in your lobby.  It will give the dog owners a distraction and put a smile on their face. 

For Pet Specialty Medical Centers

Bringing a beloved pet in for specialty medical treatment can be stressful. Ease some of your client’s stress with smile-inducing photos on your walls.

Our custom dog and cat wall art will help them remember the great times they’ve spent with their pet. 

Used Canvases

We have a set quantity of adorable like-new used canvases, the majority of which are in near-perfect condition. We have a very limited quantity, available at 50% off the new price. Discounts also available for the entire set.

Please contact Jamie at team@cowbelly.com for details.

Request a Quote

Ready to get some more information on our services?

We can create a custom quote for you, which is a great starting place when determining just what you need photography-wise.