Web Design Services for Pet Brands

Remember 1024 x 768px HTML websites? We do. We built them.

Web Design

We’ve been customizing WordPress websites since before page builders were a thing.

Web Design & Email Services

We’ve been customizing WordPress websites since before page builders were a thing.

WordPress Web Design

A great-looking, responsive website is non-negotiable in this day and age for any kind of pet business.

Having a sleek new modern home for your pet brand can skyrocket your brand awareness and conversions. If your pet business’ website is still stuck in 2002 we can help you with it.

We can setup WordPress for you, customize every page, create custom graphic pet-inspired elements that match your brand, provide stock animal photos, create custom conditional forms, insert lead magnets, create landing pages and galleries, build e-commerce functionality, and much more. We can even connect your site to your email funnel. (Don’t have an email funnel? We can set that up too.)

Whether you need an entire website, just a few pages or some simple tweaks, we’ve got your back.

Web Design

Is your business in the pet industry and you need a beautifully-designed website that’s a unique representation of your brand, that functions great, and is responsive on all devices? We can deliver all that to you. 


Need to sell digital and/or tangible products through your WordPress website to pet parents? We can set that up for you too.

Web Development

Need a custom solution, and/or have existing problems on your pet business’ website? We can code whatever you need.

Absolute pleasure working with you! Incredible communication the whole way through the build. Your knowledge around all those techie things that terrify me is incredible. I’m so in love with the result.

Kelly Miller

Hairypants Photography

Additional Web Services

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are also known as ‘sales pages’. Why? Because they remove all other options and force the user to focus only on the content on the page. They can be tricky to design right, but when done well can be very powerful in swaying consumers to buy / book / subscribe / etc.

Website Optin Design & Setup

Want your website visitors to subscribe to your email list? You do this with an optin. (A little form placed on your website, linked to your automated email newsletter.) Have us design pretty and functional optins for you that help you grow your list. 

Contest / Giveaway Page Setup

Everyone loves winning. Giving things away can be the fastest way to grow your email list. But setting up contest pages can be tedious and time-consuming, with many things to consider and many moving parts. Let us handle the tedium for you so you can focus on giving away fun stuff and watching your subscriber rate grow.

Ecommerce Setup & Product Creation

If you have digital or physical products, and/or set-priced services, having an ecommerce store is a must. It takes the manual labor out of selling, and enables you to make money in your sleep. Whether you have one product or 100, we can set your store up for you. Setting up ecommerce can be complicated and challenging. Let us deal with that for you. 

Performance Optimization

What’s the use in having a pretty website if it loads slow? Google hates slow loading sites, and you know who else does too? Customers. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to fully load, you need this service. A fast-loading website = better SEO, more time spent on site, lower bounce rates and more conversions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Is your lovely website sitting in the corner collecting dust? Do you listen to the crickets waiting for the traffic to come in? Having proper SEO set up on every page, every photo and all copy will get you out of that rut, drive customers to your website and help you get found by the people who matter the most- your future customers. 

Web Design Portfolio

A selection of projects we’ve worked on from start to finish, including custom visuals and graphics creation, email sequences, optin forms and ecommerce.

Hairypants Photography

Hairypants Photography is a well-established Australian pet photography studio.

What we did:

We designed a 10-page WordPress website, creating a unique custom theme for the business. 

Before the site could be designed we needed a branding style guide to inform the design of each page and keep things consistent, so we created one for the business. 

We designed a fun and colorful email template that fits great with the brand. 

We set up a multi-part email funnel that can be customized at any time its convenient to the business. 

The new website needed some SEO tweaks, so we performed that work as well. 

The website is on a slow shared server, so we spent a full day optimizing the page load speed. We got it down from an average load time of 15 seconds in it’s native Australia to 2-3 seconds worldwide. We anticipate the site’s bounce rate will drop significantly, and the bookings will go way up. 

Click on each photo to enlarge it in a new tab. 

The Joyful Pooch

The Joyful Pooch is a full-fledged e-commerce store and website with 170+ variable dog-inspired products marketed to dog owners.

What we did:

We designed a site with 15 regular pages and 170+ product pages, keeping the look consistent from page-to-product.

We did all branding for the site, taking our cue from the pre-designed logo. We wanted the site to have a fun, joyful feel that would appeal to most dog owners. 

We set up Woocommerce and configured a variety of plugins to expand it’s functionality. We set up all payment processors and created all 170+ products, all with unique title backgrounds in colors that coordinate with each product. We also set custom ‘you may also like’ product upsells on each product. We customized the checkout and cart, and set up special conditional fields on the checkout form. Lastly, we created automated sales promos that would run site-wide on pre-determined schedules, notifying visitors through attractive banners that would display on schedule. 

We designed multiple email funnels, including an abandoned cart funnel, a unique coupon code email with reminder prior to expiration, and an onboarding/welcome email funnel. 

The Joyful Pooch website is search engine optimized, keeping mobile-first browsing in mind with all product and page elements. 

Ecommerce stores can be heavy, so we did the painstaking work of optimizing the site on a page-by-page and product-by-product basis, removing unneeded scripts from important pages. We put the site on a CDN and tightened up caching and customized the php code to speed up slow plugins. Even with the large quantity of big image files, the site consistently loads in under 3 seconds, with important content loading in under 2 seconds. 

Click on each photo to enlarge it in a new tab. 

CPR: Commercial Photographer’s Resources

CPR: Commercial Photographer’s Resources is an educational platform with articles, digital downloadable products, and photography resources. 

What we did:

We designed a 10-page WordPress website, with regular pages, blog articles and downloadable products.

Before the site could be designed we needed a branding style guide to inform the design of each page and keep things consistent, so we created one in a style that would appeal to a majority male audience.

We designed straightforward and informational email templates that fits with the no-nonsense brand.

We set up multiple email funnels that tie in with Facebook ads and the store’s ecommerce.

We did extensive SEO work, and helped the site get on page 1 of Google for it’s top search term in a matter of a few months. 

Big photos + ecommerce = slow page load times. We did the tedious work of optimizing the site for faster pageload speeds.

Click on each photo to enlarge it in a new tab. 

Cowbelly Media

That’s us! When we needed a new website, naturally we built it. We designed in colors that are true to our Southern California roots. 

What we did:

We designed a 20-page WordPress website, creating a unique custom theme for our business, with colorful CTAs to ‘request a quote’ on nearly every page.

Before the site could be designed we needed a branding style guide to inform the design of each page and keep things consistent, so we created one. We wanted to create a site that would speak to our Southern California roots but still appeal to a wide variety of pet businesses.  We also designed custom icons in our new trademark gradient. 

We needed quote request forms with conditional logic, so we created those and dropped captchas on them to reduce spam. 

We migrated over two year’s worth of blog posts, and made sure the database records were pointing to the media in it’s new location. 

The new website needed full SEO, so we did that work as well. 

As we do on all the websites we build, we spent a full day optimizing the page load speed. We set our site up on a CDN, made sure we didn’t get any mixed content issues, and made Google happy by eliminating any page not found or mobile errors.

Click on each photo to enlarge it in a new tab. 

Why choose Cowbelly Media?

With virtually thousands of web designers to choose from on the interwebs, including several specialty pet industry web design firms, why would you hire Cowbelly Media for your web and/or email project(s)?

Along with having a great team of creative and skilled designers and developers, you also get FREE STOCK ANIMAL PHOTOS from our very own talented commercial pet photographers for your website and email assets!

These aren’t your generic photos you’ll find on the microstock sites. These are gorgeous images that will really take your brand to the next level.

No more hunting down great content. We’ll supply it for you.

Shoot us a quote request and let us know what you need!

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