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Our Cat Photography Clients Include

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 Frontline // Bravecto // Mars PetCare // VetriSCIENCE // Pet Naturals // Kriser’s Natural Pet // The Honest Kitchen // Fresh Pet // Applaws // Nutro Ultra // PetSafe // Pinnacle //  Applaws //

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Commercial Cat Photography Portfolio

Fantasticly feline photos

Let us create cat photos that will appeal to cat parents everywhere. 

We’ll transform your cat photography to make you gorgeous, professional and trustworthy, so you become the easy choice for cat lovers everywhere.

Take a look at our cat photo gallery to get an idea of what kinds of cat photos we can make for your business. Do you need photos of kitties on locations in homes? Or in a simple location like a studio? Do you need them interacting with product?

Whatever your commercial cat photography needs are, we can meet them. 

commercial pet photographer jamie piper

Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn, and follow her brand new Instagram channel, soon to be filled with engaging photos of dogs, cats and kids!

Cat Photographer Jamie Piper

San Diego based commercial cat photographer Jamie Piper, the founder and owner of Cowbelly®, has been photographing cats for over 20 years.

She has done commissioned cat photo shoots for a wide variety of different cat brands, creating photos that engage and captivate cat owners. Along with shooting in San Diego, Jamie also travels to LA to shoot for NY and LA-based ad agencies representing global brands, and loves working with the cat talent agencies there.

The body of work she feels best represents her cat photography style, is the work she created for Pet Naturals in Orlando Florida.

You can get in touch with Jamie directly at jamie [at] cowbelly dot com. She would love to hear about your cat photography project.



How to Book


Book and have your discovery call

A fun and casual 30- minute ‘getting to know you’ with our creative director.


Complete a simple questionnaire

Simple and easy; do on your time whenever it’s convenient for you.


Commence your transformation

Sign your proposal and pay your advance. Deliver shot list & comps. 


Why Choose Cowbelly®

Creating your own cat photos is impossible. Let us do the hard work for you. 

You see the beautiful cat photos on your competitors’ advertisements and websites, and long for something better for your own brand.

That’s where we come in. We’ll be the ‘something better’, but raise you one to ‘something really awesome’.


Animal photography specialists

Your brand will get genuine, authentic photos that are guaranteed to appeal to cat owners.


19 Years of Experience

Commercial cat photography is very challenging, and it requires experience and patience to do it well. We have both in spades.


Big brand knowledge

Leverage all the knowledge we’ve gained from working with some of the biggest pet brands in the industry.

Ready to transform your brand’s cat photos?