Lifestyle Animal Photography

Wag-worthy photos for pet brands

Wag-worthy photos for pet brands


Our Lifestyle Dog & Cat Photography Clients Include

You’re in great company

We’ve provided custom dog and cat photography to some of the world’s biggest pet brands, including these brands.  

Frontline // Bravecto // Mars PetCare // VetriSCIENCE // Pet Naturals // Kriser’s Natural Pet // The Honest Kitchen // Fresh Pet // Applaws // Nutro Ultra // PetSafe // Pinnacle //  Applaws //

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Lifestyle Animal Photography Portfolio

On location where pets feel at home

Take your pet brand’s lifestyle animal photos from good to aspirational.

If your company’s images need a makeover, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll transform your brand’s lifestyle animal photography to make you gorgeous, professional and trustworthy, so you become the easy choice for pet parent consumers everywhere.

These photos are a small representation of the kinds of lifestyle pet photos we make for your business, although we can make them all, including commercial pet photos of dogs and cats in homes, parks, beaches, trails, urban areas, etc.

commercial pet photographer jamie piper

Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn, and follow her brand new Instagram channel, soon to be filled with engaging photos of dogs, cats and kids!

Photographer Jamie Piper

San Diego based commercial animal photographer Jamie Piper, the founder and owner of Cowbelly®, has been creating lifestyle photos of pets and pets with people for over two decades.

She has done lifestyle photo shoots across the U.S. for a wide variety of different pet brands, producing content like you see above that is equal parts engaging and aspirational. She often travels to LA to shoot for NY and LA-based ad agencies representing global brands.

The body of work she is proudest of, and feels best represents her lifestyle photography style, is the work she created for Pedigree in San Francisco. She is happiest when given the freedom to ‘just play’.

You can get in touch with Jamie directly at jamie [at] cowbelly dot com. She would love to hear about your project.



Lifestyle Locations

So Cal USA

We use a variety of locations in both San Diego and Los Angeles for our commercial animal shoots. 

A ‘lifestyle’ shoot simply means one that takes place in locations where you’d typically find a pet. Including but not limited to:

  • residential home
  • urban or suburban park
  • ocean beach
  • dog park
  • lake (on or near)
  • mountain trails
  • urban cafe/restaurant patio
  • desert location
  • swimming pool
  • pet store
  • rural/farm
  • home ‘catio’

There can be wide variations in several of those categories. For example, a ‘residential home’ could be a generic middle-America house and backyard, an urban high-rise condo with a view, or a country-style suburban house, etc.

For our lifestyle shoots, our locations are dictated exclusively by the budget we have to work with. The higher your company’s budget- the nicer the location we’ll be able to rent. And all public park locations require a park permit fee.

You can see other elements that go into a lifestyle commercial animal photography shoot in this blog post we wrote on the topic.

If you’re interested in doing a commercial lifestyle dog and/or cat photography shoot with us to get some great images for your pet brand, we’ll discuss location options during our creative call.

Vetriscience copyright Cowbelly 74
pedigree copyright cowbelly 03
Vetriscience copyright Cowbelly 87

How it Works

The process for great photo results


Creative Call

We hop on a phone call and develop a shot list, based on your company’s needs.

We chat about the end use, what type of marketing the images will be used in, the goals for the images, and what your overall vision  is for the project.

We discuss what kind of animal talent you’d like, and what kind of settings / colors / design style you’d like for the photos, plus if there are any specific setups you’d like.


Remote Photo Shoot

We do the remote photo shoot, being sure to capture all the shots on your shot list. We are skilled and efficient, and know exactly how to capture the shots you need for yor pet business.

With 19+ years of experience, you don’t need to worry about this part of the process. You can relax and focus on the results, knowing that ‘we got this’.


Photo Delivery

We deliver your custom photos to you, all beautified and ready for your marketing and advertising efforts.

If we are providing you with other services as well, we’ll also place your photos in a folder in your client portal for our team to use in your various marketing channels (website, email, social media designs, etc).



Inject some visual magic into your marketing and advertising and watch your engagement and conversions skyrocket.

Pet parents purchase from pet brands they fall in love with, and there’s no better way to woo them than with beautiful custom visuals.

Scroll down to the gallery below to see ours.



One-time investment; forever returns

Make an investment that more than pays for itself, and continues to pay off for the life of your brand.

The majority of our photo shoots require custom estimates, but if you aren’t sure what you need, the packages below are a great start.

See details on each shoot type below the price table.

SHOOT TYPESocial Media & Web ShootPrint & Collateral ShootPrint Advertising, Trade show
& Packaging Shoot
Best forSmall businesses & startupsMedium businessesAgencies & large
or enterprise businesses
Client usage needsFor websites, social media, landing pages, emails, digital ads, product listings & bannersFor business cards, brochures, pamphlets, flyers and other smaller print use, plus digital useFor full-page magazine ads, billboards, trade show displays, packaging + other large print use
Social media & Web-sized photosIncludedIncludedIncluded
A4 print-sized photoAdd-onIncludedIncluded
High-res (max-size) print photosAdd-onAdd-onIncluded
Animal models2-3 family dog talent, or 1-2 family cat talent4-5 family dog talent, or 2-3 family cat talent8+ family pet or pro dog or cat talent
Human models1-2 real people talent3 real people talent4+ real people or pro talent
Remote viewingAdd-onIncludedIncluded and/or Client Attended
Retouching1 hour2 hours4+ hours
PRICE$4995-$6995$10,995-$14,995Starts at $19,995
request a quote

Working with a really tight budget?


‘Big Little Budget’ Shoot $2750

You need some images and you need them fast, and you’re on a tight budget but still want beautiful, high-quality results that will engage your customers and help maximize your sales.

We source the talent from our 350+ local pet talent pool, virtually source the location (pet’s home or park) and book the shoot ASAP, sometimes even within a few days.

We show up and create a small selection of hero and b-roll images that will maximize your high-value paid advertising and marketing efforts. 

You select a handful of your favorite images after the shoot from a private gallery, we prep the (web-sized) files and deliver them to you ready-to-use. 

Interested in learning about the details for our Big Little Budget Shoot?

Get in touch!


Web & Social Media Shoot

Best for small businesses & startups

Creates images to be used for:

  • social media
  • websites
  • landing pages
  • sales pages
  • emails
  • digital ads
  • banners
  • other small digital use

If you work for a small business and that business is in need of premium-quality custom images for your website, social media and digital marketing, this is the shoot for you.

We source the models, find the locations, bring the props and do the shoot remotely, and you can view the results live-time from your location. We then deliver a gallery after the shoot for you to select your images from.

The whole process is quick and easy for you, and you end up with a great selection of high-quality custom imagery that enchants your customers and makes them want what you’re selling.


Print & Collateral Shoot

Best for mid-sized businesses

Creates small and medium-sized images to be used for:

  • social media
  • web and digital ad use
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • flyers
  • POS take-aways
  • rack cards
  • other medium-sized print use

This shoot is for established businesses who need to refresh their imagery for a specific project, a rebrand or just to add to their photo catalog.

We source the models, find the locations, plan the production, provide our creative direction, and share the whole shoot with you remotely so you can be involved from wherever your company is based.

Live-time feedback + ultimate convenience for you.

We then share the processed images in a gallery following the shoot so you can select the images you’d like to use.


Print Ads, Trade show & Packaging Shoot

Best for international/enterprise businesses

Creates small, medium and large-sized images to be used for:

  • social media
  • web and digital ad use
  • collateral
  • full-page magazine ads
  • billboards
  • trade show displays
  • product packaging
  • all other digital and print use
  • includes max-res images

This shoot is for agencies and enterprise (global or national) clients who have big needs and high expectations.

These are typically full day or multi-day shoots with a variety of animal and human talent in multiple locations, delivering cream-of-the-crop retouched hero photos.

Rates for these shoots start around $20k and can go up to $150k or more for global brands. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Included with every shoot

The freedom to license additional images

Each shoot gives you the flexibility to get a batch of images that fit your current needs, as well as purchase more images for additional use, such as for signage or printed ads.

The ability to add-on extra services to increase the production value

You can add on a variety of shoot elements, like pro human and animal talent, professional locations, additional props, etc. All of these increase the quality and uniqueness of your results.

Don’t see a package that meets your needs?

We’re happy to provide an itemized photo shoot estimate based on your criteria.

See our pricing page for information on price ranges for custom shoots, and then click the orange ‘work with us’ button to book a call.

Custom Photography Alternative

Don't have the budget for custom imagery?

Consider licensing our premium stock pet photos, with prices that start at just $35.

premium stock dog and cat photos



Your questions about photography, answered

Q: How far in advance do we need to book a shoot?

It depends on the size of the shoot, but we typically book out between 4-6 weeks in advance. The final quarter (October-December) is always our busiest time of the year, so it's not uncommon for us to be booked out 8-10 weeks in advance during those months.

Occasionally we are able to do last-minute shoots in 21 days or less, but we do charge a 15%-25% rush fee on the project total for short-notice shoots.

Q: What if none of your package options fit our needs?

Based on detailed information you provide us about your needs, we'll create a custom quote for your shoot, with inclusions that fit with your project. Rates start at $5k for simple shoots with few inclusions (images, talent, locations, props, etc.)

Book a discovery call so we can get to know your needs.

Q: How do we view the shoot remotely?

We bring in our digital tech (our photo expert who mans the laptop station that ingests the images from the camera), and set up remote viewing for you so you can see the images that come through to that laptop. The camera is 'tethered' to the laptop at all times, so the digitech (and you and your team) can see the images right when they are created.

Remote viewing requires that you are available for the duration of the shoot.

After the shoot, we present the images from your shoot in an online gallery for you to select from, typically 2-4 business days following the shoot.

Q: When is payment due?

For Web & Social Media shoot package, payment is due in full at the time of booking, which will secure your dates and allow us to initiate production.

For the Print & Collateral shoot package, a 70% advance is due at the time of booking, and the 30% balance is due just prior to us sending over the final retouched files.

For the Print Advertising & Trade Show shoot, we require an advance that covers 100% of expenses, and 50% of fees, with the balance due just prior to us sending over the final retouched files.

Q: Who picks the talent and locations?

We select them together, based on your input and approval.

We have a database of pet and human models we can select from in Southern California.

We also have location options that we can pull from via 'cards'.

For our higher-end shoots, we often include in-person location scouting and talent casting.

For studio locations, we choose the location that best fits the budget.


Q: We really want to work with you, but your rates are out of our budget. Are there any other options?

Depending on the shoot, and whether or not we need the content, we provide discounts to clients who allow us to place the images from their shoot on our  stock website so we can license them to other companies.

Otherwise, all shoots create content that is for your company's exclusive use. It's truly custom, high-end imagery for your brand, at price points that are attainable for most growing companies.

Sometimes we ae able to break out the licensing portion of the fees into multiple years. Please ask us about that option. 

If you are on a really tight budget, consider our super affordable yet premium quality stock photos, at prices that start at just $25 per file.

Q: We have products that need to be photographed, both on their own and with talent. Can you do that?

For sure! We have product photography packages coming in the fall of 2021.

Q: What's the retouching that's included in the photo shoot packages?

Retouching is detailed 'clean-up' we do on the final images, to make them look their very best.

Animals are messy (drool, eye goobers, treat crumbs, etc), and we typically don't want that mess showing in your photos, so we make sure it's all cleaned up on the photos you license.

See our retouching portfolio here. We think you'll be impressed.

We can also retouch your existing photo content and UGC as well!

Q: What are the file sizes listed in the photo shoot packages?

Social Media: 1024px @144ppi

For Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media platform.

Web: 1920px @144ppi

For websites, social media, landing pages, emails, digital ads and banners. 

Print & Collateral: A4 @ 300dpi

For business cards, brochures, pamphlets, flyers and other letter-sized and smaller print use.

Print Advertising, Tradeshow & Packaging: 2912 x 4368 (or larger) @ 300ppi

For full-page magazine ads, billboards, tradeshow displays, packaging, and other large print use.

Q: Do you do pet photography sessions for regular pet owners?

Sorry but no. We only provide photography services to pet-related brands, businesses and companies.

Q: We have other questions that we don't see answered here. How do we get more information?

Give us a shout! We'd love to hear from you.


How to Book


Book and have your discovery call

A fun and casual 30- minute ‘getting to know you’ with our creative director.


Complete a simple questionnaire

Simple and easy; do on your time whenever it’s convenient for you.


Commence your transformation

Sign your proposal and pay your advance. Deliver shot list & comp photos.


Why Choose Cowbelly®

Trying to take your own pet photos is hard. We get it.

You see the beautiful animal photos on your competitors’ websites and social media, and long for something better for your own brand.

That’s where we come in. We’ll be the ‘something better’, but raise you one to ‘something really awesome’.


Animal photography specialists

Your brand will get genuine, authentic photos that are guaranteed to appeal to pet owners in commercial use.


19+ Years of Experience

Commercial animal photography is quite challenging, and it requires experience and patience to do it well. We have both in spades.


Big brand knowledge

Leverage all the knowledge we’ve gained from working with some of the biggest pet brands in the industry.

Ready to transform your brand’s photos?