Photo Shoot Add-Ons

Everything you need to produce the highest-quality images

Wanna run with the big dogs?

Consider adding on services that the big brands use

All of the add-on services you see on this page are designed to increase and improve the quality of the results of your photo shoot.

Our big brands know that you get out of a shoot what you put into it, and commercial pet photography is an investment that pays for itself many times over in ROI from ad spend, so it’s an investment that’s well-worth making.

Photo Shoot Add-Ons:


We have a large roster of non-pro animal talent in Southern California, and also work with some of the best professional animal talent agencies in the business.

If you can procure models through your company, they are often happy to receive products and/or services in exchange for their time.

Please note that for small shoots we always pay at least a nominal amount, along with a product or service from the company commissioning the photography, and/or image files, which is what every pet parent wants.

People have busy schedules, and although many pet owners are excited about getting ‘their pet in pictures’, we never ask our talent (human or animal) to work for free, and we expect that your company won’t either.


Non-pro talent: $50-$75/hr + products/services/images

Pro talent: $350 per 2-hour shoot / $750-$850/day


The full day rate for a first assistant is $350-$500, depending on the geographic location of the shoot.

The day rate for a second assistant is usually between $250-$350 depending on what’s required of them.


$50 per hour

Avg: $350-$450/day


Retouching includes but is not limited to: removing objects, compositing subjects (taking a dog from one photo and placing them into another for example), dandruff + drool + fur clean-up, masking backgrounds, (human) skin and hair clean-up, clean up and sharpening of dog’s eyes, and selective color adjustments.


$95-$175 per hour, depending on scope

Average: 2-5 retouched images per hour


Props might include supplies to recreate the look of a picnic or barbecue, pet clothing, toys, food, bowls, blankets, dog/cat beds, etc. 

For very elaborate shoots, we might even build a ‘room-like’ set in a studio. 


$50-$750 depending on type

Average for lifestyle shoots: $100-$125


The wide range of pricing is due to differences in both quality and size of the studio as well as geographic locations. For example, we can rent a simple studio in LA for as low as $500/day, or as much as $1500 for a high-end studio.

We have a half day minimum due to cleaning and painting costs. The average for San Diego is $850/day; LA is $1200/day.

Rates include cleaning, insurance, and painting the cyc wall if applicable.


High-end ‘pro’ residential locations: $3000 -$4000 per day.

Studios: from $400 per half day to $1500 per day.

One of our San Diego county residential locations. Cost per day for this location is $3000.


A digital tech is the person responsible for ingesting the images into a laptop, making basic color corrections, and displaying the images on a computer screen that you can see.

Without a digital tech you aren’t able to preview the images and make changes to the shot set-ups as you go along, so it’s always best to have one on set. It’s better to find out shortly after the shots are created that something isn’t working (or you don’t like it) instead of days afterward.

Fees often include workstation and laptop rental.

Most techs require a minimum of a half day and some require a full day rate minimum.


$100-$150 per hour/ $850-$1500 per day


We produce all of our smaller shoots in-house.

For medium-sized and larger shoots, with multiple talent and a robust shot list, it’s imperative to have a producer coordinating everything. They function as the project manager.


$750-$1000 per day

This fee applies to pre-pro days (planning time), shoot days and wrap days.

Their involvement allows the photographer to focus on the creative so they don’t have to stop shooting to call a model that’s late, or worry about wardrobe not showing up, or exhaust themselves before a shoot by running around picking up supplies the night before. The fewer different hats the photographer needs to wear during the photography, the better the results.

For our full day multi-talent, multi-location shoots, we require a producer.

Producers will need production assistants for the bigger shoots, so they don’t need to leave the set when needs arise. PAs will make runs to stores to get needs that invariably pop up on every shoot, as well as help the producer coordinate talent and other needs. The very big shoots require a producer, production coordinator and production assistants.


(HMUA is a hair & makeup artist)

These are often different people, and sometimes one and the same.

You may have a wardrobe person, a stylist who is in charge of styling any products or props in the shots, and a hair and makeup artist. It all depends on what the shoot needs.

Each person is an expert in their chosen area, and each person has a unique responsibility to contribute to the successful outcome of the shoot.


Varies, averages between $750-$1,000/day


This is for extra/specialty lighting + camera gear.

Lighting depends on client needs.

We can use one small light (called a ‘speedlight’) and have the cost be low, or we can use a full suite of lights.

For example, lighting to create high-key studio photos (bright, clean, white studio photos like Purina uses- like you see here), is $500 per day (1 day minimum).

Also generally the larger the area being lit, the more lights are required. A living room or kitchen in a house will need extensive lighting for example.

For every shoot we always rent lenses specifically for that shoot, and often camera bodies as well.



Lighting for Frontline flea and tick packaging. $500 per day for lighting.

Renting bodies and lenses enables our photographers to use the very latest in high-end gear for a reasonable price without having to spend thousands on new camera bodies and lenses every year, which would drive costs up for our clients pretty significantly.

For example, one of our favorite lenses for pet photography costs $2800 retail, but rents for only $85 for a full day.

Additionally, specific shots require specific gear, for example action shots require telephoto lenses with image stabilization. Lastly, the more involved the shoot is, and the longer and more varied the shot list, the more different camera gear it requires.

Gear needs are one area of the estimate that should never be skimped on. We choose gear specifically to create the results you need.


Prices vary significantly depending on the numbr of clients and crew on set, but often $750-$1500 per day depending on the size of the crew.

If you have more than a few people at the shoot (clients and crew), and are on any kind of a timeline, it’s best to have a catering company bring food to where you are, instead of having to break for 90-minutes to leave and go find food.


$750-$1500 per day for a full crew. As low as $200/day for a very small crew. 


The cost of flight + car rental + hotel can vary significantly. A shoot in NYC will cost more than one in Florida. 

Generally the rates are in the range of $850-$1250, depending on location, duration of shoot and flight prices.


$850-$1250/pp average for flight + meals + hotel + car + incidentals

Are you interested in adding on any of these services and/or have been told you’ll need a custom shoot?

Get in touch with Jamie and she’ll ask you questions to determine what the expenses will be for your shoot.

She’ll send you an itemized estimate for expenses.