Stock Pet Photos

High-quality photos at low-budget prices

High-quality photos at low-budget prices


Stock Pet Photos Portfolio

High on quality and budget friendly

The pet photos in this gallery are available to license commercially, and we have many more stock dog and cat photos both in our archives and through our stock pet photography website Fetch Stock.

We have a variety of high-quality, engaging animal content that comes with an affordable price tag.

Beautiful AND affordable? YEP!

Don’t see what you need here? Drop us a line and let us know what your needs are.


Stock Pet Photo Pricing

High on quality and budget friendly

Make an investment that more than pays for itself, and continues to pay off for the life of your brand.

High-quality stock photos are designed to make your company more money. Sure you can license the same cheap microstock as every other pet company, but isn’t your brand worth more than that to you?



Standard royalty-free license pricing

These are our 4-star shots that we commonly refer to as b-roll. They are everyday-use images. Mostly used on social media and interior web pages. 


Premium royalty-free license pricing

Premium photos are the most unique, highest quality and most difficult to reproduce. These are commonly known as ‘hero’ photos.


Exclusive-use license pricing

These are images you license for your brand’s exclusive use, for a set time period. These ensure no other brand will use the same content during the licensing period.

What is a royalty-free license?

Generally-speaking, it means you can use the photos for whatever you need within the ‘type of use’ stated in the tables below, with the exception of re-selling or printing them on mass-merchandise, which comes with a higher fee.

A ‘license’ means you aren’t ‘buying’ the photos and own them outright; you are licensing the right to use the photos in a certain way.

Cowbelly Media remains the copyright holder, but you get to bask in the glory of higher CTRs, sales, and engagement through their use in your advertising and marketing strategies.

Standard royalty-free license pricing

This pricing is for standard quality stock pet images, e.g. b-roll photos.

These are photos you might use on interior web pages, everyday social media posts, interior brochure pages, etc.

Please see FAQ below for description.

Social Media & Blog Photos (1080px)$25.0035 photos
Small Web Photos (1500px)$35.0020 photos
Medium Web/ Small Print Photos (2500px)$50.0015 photos
Medium Print (4000px)$75.0010 photos
Large Print Photos (full-res)$150.005 photos

Premium royalty-free license pricing

This pricing is for premium-quality stock pet photos, e.g ‘hero photos’.

These are photos you would place on a print ad, product packaging, trade show signage, homepage hero section, etc.

Please see FAQ below for description.

Social Media & Blog Photos (1080px)$75.0035 photos
Small Web Photos (1500px)$100.0020 photos
Medium Web/ Small Print Photos (2500px)$150.0015 photos
Medium Print (4000px)$225.0010 photos
Large Print Photos (full-res)$500.007 photos

Stock Photo Quantity Discounts

*Photos must be same size. E.g. five medium print, or 8 small web, etc.

2-5 photos10% off
6-10 photos15% off
11-20 photos20% off
21-30 photos25% off
31-40 photos30% off
41-50 photos35% off
51+ photos40% off

Exclusive-use (‘market freeze’) add-on

The exclusive use option (also known as ‘market freeze’) is available for the large print/full-res license, and ensures you will be the only company who uses the image(s) for the license duration you select.

License duration is limited to five years at the max. This rate is in addition to the license price.

For example: if you’d like to license a premium large print photo your exclusive use for one year for trade show banners + handouts + additional event collateral (or whatever your needs are), the rate would be $500 + $950.

We also provide an option to license an image for exclusive use in your pet industry subtype only (ex: pet food + treats), which we call ‘semi-exclusive use’. See more on this in the FAQ below.

6 months+$500
1 year+$950
2 years+$1710
3 years+$2425
4 years+$3040
5 years+$3565

Stock Photo FAQ

Q: What's the difference between a standard quality and premium quality photo?

A standard quality photo is our 4-star shots. These are photos you might use on interior web pages, everyday social media posts, interior brochure pages, etc.

Premium quality photos are our 5-star shots. These are the photos you’d use on your website homepage, product packaging, trade show advertising, digital ads, and important print collateral.

When we do art research for you and pull images for your consideration, we’ll always let you know which ones have standard license prices and which ones have premium license prices.

If you submit the form below, please be sure to let us know what your intended usage is so we know which photos would work best.

Q: What is the the exclusive use add-on option?

The Exclusive Use License options are perfect for clients who need high quality images that are totally unique to their business and not used by any other company, without paying the tens of thousands of dollars (or even hundreds of thousands) needed to produce a custom photo shoot.

Exclusive use licenses are available for durations from six months to five years, and during the license period no other company is able to use the image(s) you license for exclusive use.

For example:

If you license an image for exclusive use for two years, that means we won’t license that image to any other company during that two year period.

It will be yours and yours alone to use, which gives you a distinct competitive advantage compared to using stock photos many other companies use. (Maybe even your own  competition!)

If at the end of your exclusive use period you’d like to extend the exclusive use license, you are welcome to do so.

You also have the option to license an image for exlcusive use in your pet industry subtype only. We call this ‘semi-exclusive’.

For example: if your company makes dog food and treats, you may request exclusive use in that category only, which means that if a veterinary supplement company, or pet toy products company (or any other company that isn’t in the dog treats and food category) wanted to license the same image, they could.

Rates for semi-exclusive licenses are discounted over full pet-industry-wide exclusivity. This is in addition to the year-over-year discounts. There’s a bit of complicated math formulas involved with all of these discounts, so be sure to reach out for an itemized estimate if you need semi-exclusive licensing on multiple images for multiple years.

Q: What is the process for picking stock photos?

We gather detailed information from you about your needs, asking for your Brand Identity Guide, any project briefs/specs, and comp photos, and then we start the art research. This involves looking through our vast archives for photos that meet your specs.

Finally, we deliver a selection of images for your consideration. You pick your favorites, and ask us if you need to see more/similars, and once the selections are finalized we create an electronic invoice.

Once you pay for the invoice, we do any retouching that you’ve purchased (and/or is included in the exclusive use fee), and deliver the files electronically.

This is a very personalized process, and we ask that you provide as much information to us as possible to reduce the time we need to spend doing art research.

Q: Do you charge for the art research process?

Typically- no, depending on the size of the project and specs required. If we’re just pulling a few dozen images that meet loose specs, we are happy to do so free of charge. 

IF the project requires us to pull lots of specific images, and feel the time spent doing art research will be significant, we will charge an hourly rate for file pulling.

Q: When is payment for stock photos due?

We require payment in full prior to delivering stock photos.

Payment may be made by mailed check, or via credit/debit card. 

For tight timelines on stock photo projects that need to be paid by check, we recommend expediting the shipping on the check. 

Many of our ad agency clients have overnighted checks to us and we are able to send the files the next day. 

Q: My company needs to see an itemized estimate before we decide on stock photos. We are considering some premium photos, some standard and some exclusive use, and we may be eligible for quantity discounts. Can we get an estimate?


Let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll crunch the numbers and we’ll send you an itemized estimate that will make the bean counters at your company happy.

On the estimate you’ll be able to select and deselect items and change quantities, which will make it very easy for you to see what you need to do to stay within your budget for your project.

Q: Do you invoice with net-30/60/90 for stock photos?

A: For repeat clients with a proven net-30 payment track record, yes. Please reach out to for more information. (Please note we don’t work with net-60/90/+ invoice payment terms).

For all others- no. We require payment in full prior to delivering stock photos.

Q: Are there quantity discounts on the exclusive use licenses?

Typically, no.

However, we have made exceptions in certain circumstances, like if the client wants to do industry subtype exclusivity, or the value of the first image is significantly higher than the others.

We take a look at the project, the specific images, and their usage, and then determine if discounting exclusive use images is fair and reasonable. 

Please let us know if there is a budget you are trying to meet, and you are interested in exclusivity, and we’ll see what we can do.


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