Swoon-worthy pet branding

Swoon-worthy pet branding


Branding for pet businesses

Your brand’s love story starts here



noun: branding

1. the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.”the process of branding should be considered in global terms”

2. distinctive wording or design used to identify a particular brand.”the first thing you’ll notice is the cool blue branding”

Pet parents fall in love with brands that are authentic, intentional and unique. Just like their pets.

The brand can be colorful, vibrant and approachable, (like ours), or it can be subdued and sophisticated (or anywhere in between.)

If you close your eyes, how will your brand be manifested once it’s come to life?

Dare to dream about how your brand will look after it’s metamorphosis, and get excited at the prospect of more success for your business, and all the pets you’ll help in the process.

enchant delight engage inspire


Branding Inclusions

Collaboration + imagination

Every branding project is a little bit different, but the following will give you an idea of what might go into your own brand transformation.

Spoiler alert: there’s also a FAQ at the bottom of the page.



You’ll receive a logo that communicates your brand’s unique personality



Colors play a huge role in the personality and feel of our brand, so we choose them well




The right fonts will get your written message across beautifully




The roadmap for your brand in story, traits, goals, analogy, personality and more



The love language your brand speaks to all the pet parents of the world



The reason why your business does what it does, which propels everything

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

– Albert Einstein


Featured Branding Projects

Transforming beasts into beauties

Helping pet business of all sizes become their best selves

Be next to appear here and we’ll transform your branding to make you gorgeous, professional and trustworthy, so you become the easy choice for pet parents everywhere.

“Your team’s ability to turn a concept into a tangible brand is nothing short of magic. Thank you so much!!”

-Thomas Leson- Four off the Floor Owner



One-time investment; forever returns

BRANDING PACKAGESimple Brand Visuals PackageStandard Brand Identity PackagePremium Brand Identity Package
Best forSmall businesses & startupsMedium businessesLarge or enterprise businesses
Discovery & strategy increase as prices increase
Audience definition
Brand personality
Competitor analysisModerateMaximum
Customer avatars
Brand voice & messaging
Brand story
Brand traits
Brand analogy* (Gold dust)Add-on
Communication guidelinesAdd-on
Tag line suggestionsAdd-on
Creative direction** (Gold dust)Add-on
The quantity of brand assets increase as prices increase
Color palette
Branded stock photos369
Custom icon graphicsAdd-on36
Facebook + Instagram cover photos Add-on
Business card designAdd-onIncludedIncluded
Letterhead + envelope designsAdd-onIncludedIncluded
Instagram story iconsAdd-onAdd-onIncluded as needed
Custom pet graphicsAdd-onAdd-onIncluded as needed
Simple Brand Board
Brand Identity Guide
Files supplied in .eps+ .png + .jpg
Turnaround time 3-6 weeks6-8 weeks12+ weeks
PRICE$2995$6,995Starts at $12,995
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Don’t see a package that meets your needs?

We’re happy to provide an itemized estimate based on your criteria

See our pricing page for information on price ranges for custom branding services, and then click the orange ‘work with us’ button to book a call.

✦ Your brand’s transformation ✦

From mediocre to magical

From forgettable to fantastic

From unexceptional to outstanding


How it Works

The process for great branding results


Discovery Call

We hop on a phone call and get to know your business and needs better.

We chat about what your goals and vision are for your company’s brand.

We discuss the process and what should be included. We also talk about the timeline and if there are other services you need.

Finally, we learn what other pet brands inspire you, and why.


Discover, strategize and design

Our team gets to work researching your business, target market and competition, and strategizes designs, messaging and mission (based on the project.)

We deliver ‘first drafts’ to you for your approval, and mold and refine what we create until you are thrilled with it.


Assets Delivery

We deliver your assets (brand elements, brand guide) to you, all beautified and ready for your marketing efforts.

If we are providing other services to you as well, we’ll also place your assets in a central folder in your client portal for our team to use in your various marketing channels (website, email campaigns, social media, etc.).



Unleash your branding across all your business does, both tangible and intagible, and watch your engagement and conversions skyrocket.

Consumers purchase from brands they fall in love with, and there’s no better way to woo them than with compelling branding.

With your new branding in place, your business will become irresistible to pet owners, so you’ll sell more and help more pets.

“Absolute pleasure working with you! Incredible communication the whole way through. I’m so in love with the results.”

-Kelly Miller -Hairypants owner



Your branding questions, answered

We already have a logo but we’re interested in a brand package. How does that work?

While we can certainly work with an existing logo, if that’s the only brand element you have, chances are very good that it will benefit from a redesign. 

One thing we like to do for our clients is provide options. We can show you what your logo will look like redesigned or ‘tweaked’, and also what a new logo would look like so you can compare the two. 

If you have your heart set on keeping your existing logo, we’ll discuss it during our discovery call, and also discount your service due to the time we save by not designing a new one for you.

Keep in mind however, that we select other brand elements based on what will work best for your target market, and those elements might not be the perfect match with your old logo. It’s really best to redesign all brand elements at the same time, as they should always be thoughtfully informed by the target market.

I just need a logo. Can you do that?

Sure! Check out our graphic design page for more details. We can also design business cards, collateral and other digital and print assets for you too.

I have a bunch of ideas for my new brand. How can I share them with you?

When we launch your project, we’ll send you an invite to log into our private client portal, where you’ll be able to upload all the files your heart desires. You can also share a Pinterest board with us too. Whatever’s easiest for you!

How much discovery and strategy is included in the Simple Brand Visuals package?

The discovery and strategy that’s included in the Simple Brand Visuals package includes audience definition and brand personality. 

We get just enough information about your target market to inform our design decisions, and give you just enough information about your brand personality that you can move forward with confidence in your first year or two in business. 

At that point, we recommend jumping up to the Standard Brand Identity package, as we’ll have a lot more customer data to work with at that point.

How do I add on the ‘add-on’ services in the Standard Brand Identity package?

We’ll go over all your needs during our discovery call, and include the add-ons we think you may love in your proposal. At that point you can decide what you’d like to move forward with.

What is a branded stock photo?

A branded stock photo is one that is processed to fit the look and feel of your brand. We may change colors and/or apply a filter to the photo to match your brand colors and mood.

What’s a favicon?

A favicon is the little icon you see in your browser tabs. Look at the top of your browser window right now and you’ll see a bunch of colorful icons across the top. If you have a lot of tabs open, you’ll see a lot of them!

What’s the difference between a Simple Brand Board, and a Brand Identity Guide?

A Simple Brand Board is a one-page guide that includes your brand visuals + inspiration photos only, similar to what you see on this page. 

A Brand Identity Guide is a multi-page document that includes all the information we gathered and brainstormed during our discovery and strategy process. Our own Brand Identity Guide for Cowbelly® is over 50 pages long!

We have more questions that we don't see answered here. How do we get answers?

Give us a shout! We'd love to hear from you.


How to Book


Book and have your discovery call

A fun and casual 30- minute ‘getting to know you’ with our creative director.


Complete a simple questionnaire

Simple and easy; do on your time whenever it’s convenient for you.


Commence your transformation

Sign your proposal and pay your advance. Collect & deliver comps & inspiration files. 

Ready to transform your branding?