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Who we are

Your business supports pets and the people who love them.

Who supports you?


It’s our mission. It’s also an honor.

We are a small creative, design and web agency delivering highly personalized services and big results.

We aren’t rule breakers. We aren’t rule followers. We are rule makers.

Remote Team

We’ve been a remote team since long before the pandemic made it cool. 

The team is comprised of creatives, coders, writers, and designers in various corners of the globe. Instead of limiting our scope to those near us, we work with the best and brightest, from the mountains of New Zealand to the deserts of Nevada. 

The one thing we all share in common is this:

We care a whole lot about pets.

And the great thing is, we know you do too.

The Backstory

Founder Jamie Piper fell in love with photography and dogs, and thus began a long and unique career.

Cowbelly began in Seattle in 2003 as a humble one-person pet photography business called ‘Cowbelly Pet Photography’, providing services to retail, editorial and commercial clients.

Owner Jamie Piper found a passion for pet photography while studying animal behavior at the University of Washington.

Soon after, Jamie became a leader in the pet photography industry, teaching workshops around the country, mentoring other photographers, doing speaking engagements, being interviewed by magazines, and even writing a book that became a ‘pet photography bible’ for many. Somewhere around 2007 Jamie’s business became known as simply ‘Cowbelly’, and she’s used the moniker ever since.

In 2015 Jamie moved to shooting exclusively for commercial clients, and developed a small crew (producers, digitechs, assistants) serving international commercial clients and advertising agencies, doing shoots in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando and Seattle.

The years of work photographing hundreds of regular pet owner’s animals translated perfectly to creating commercial images that would appeal to the same kind of pet owners.

Fergie Piper. 2005-2018. Jamie Piper’s muse for 13 years.


Seeing a big disconnect between creative ideas and marketing implementation, and not wanting to limit the talent provided to just her own skills,  in early 2019 Jamie converted the business into a small creative, web and design agency, by bringing together other talented pet-specific creators to help support pet brands on their road to success. The team consists of photographers, videographers, web designers & developers, copywriters, graphic designers and branding experts.

The agency now effectively narrows the gap between creative ideas and print and digital assets, which increases Cowbelly’s client’s success.

The goal of Cowbelly is to make your audience, customers and followers fall just as in love with your brand as they are with their own pets.

It’s a tall order, but one we strive to attain!


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Ready to get some more information on our services?

We can create a custom quote for you that covers just what you need.

Request a Quote

Ready to get some more information on our services?

We can create a custom quote for you that covers just what you need.