Pet Naturals

Photography // Retouching

” Client is LOVING the photography, along with all of the art directors working on the account!”

-Karly Eretzian -Art Director for Rinck

Brand: Pet Naturals

Business Type: Consumer pet health products

Agency: Rinck

Location: Orlando

Services Provided:


    The brand had been using stock imagery for years, and it was looking dated and uninspired.


    A photo shoot to produce a catalog of fresh and engaging images of a variety of different dogs and cats in different settings that could be used in marketing and advertising campaigns.

    Biggest challenge:

    Navigating the loss of our first location at 9pm before our first shoot day! Luckily we had a fantastic location scout who pulled a rabbit out of a hat, and a crew who rolled with the punches.

    Best part of the project:

    Working with the best animal talent agencies in the industry. The animals and trainers were top-notch, and made our jobs so much easier!

    We love providing commercial animal photography services to pet brands big and small alike.

    Tearsheets of our Pet Naturals photos ‘out in the wild’.

    Our Pet Naturals photos in use on landing pages

    The new landing page designs for two of their most popular products creates an engaging experience that exudes quality and trust. 

    Results from Rinck’s advertising and marketing strategies for Pet Naturals following our photo shoot

    There is no doubt that high-quality imagery contributes to high-mark results!

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