Graphic Design

Cute designs for charming pet brands


Graphic Design Service

Creating brand cohesiveness

Take your designs good to awesome.

Photos and videos are powerful at marketing your business, but graphics tell a story too. All together, these elements help create brand cohesiveness which makes you an easily recognizable face in the pet industry. 

We’ll help you make your online presence match your company’s voice and style, which helps you create that ‘brand stickiness’ that keep pet parents coming back for more.


Your logo is a core piece of your brand identity, so let us design one for you that will make your heart sing

Custom graphics

Custom graphics and icons that enhance your pet brand’s image and delights your pet parent customers

pet brand business card design

Business cards

Get a clear and simple business card design that best communicates your pet brand’s personality

Social media graphics

Graphics for social media that makes your pet brand instantly recognizable in a sea of other pet brands

postcard design for pet businesses


Event, promo, product postcards and any other postcard design you need we can create

Print collateral

Letterhead, envelope designs, business card designs, flyers, and much more, we can design for your pet business


These photos are a small representation of the kinds of graphic designs we make for pet businesses, although we can make them all, including logos, business cards, postcards, social media graphics, ad graphics and more.


How to Book


Book and have your discovery call

A fun and casual 30- minute ‘getting to know you’ with our creative director.


Complete a simple questionnaire

Simple and easy; do on your time whenever it’s convenient for you.


Commence your transformation

Sign your proposal and pay your advance. Collect & deliver comps and inspiration graphics. 

Ready for some cute designs for your pet brand?