The Joyful Pooch

Branding // Web Design // Graphic Design

The Joyful Pooch logo

Brand: The Joyful Pooch

Business Type: Apparel for dog lovers

Agency: Client-direct

Location: Virtual

Services Provided:

Website address:


Like many of our clients, The Joyful Pooch had an awesome concept and investor funds but lacked the quality of designs needed to get the kind of traction they needed in the crowded apparel space. 


A wide variety of our services, including:

  • Our Premium Brand Package
  • Business naming
  • Graphic design to create several t-shirt designs and their iconic dog-head ‘mannequins’, inspired by our DogSplits project.
  • Email designs for their sweepstakes giveaways
  • Web design
  • E-commerce setup and design
  • Web development
  • Copywriting for their website and social media memes
  • Stock photos

With the exception of custom photography, The Joyful Pooch utilized all the services we have to offer our clients. 

Biggest challenge:

Knowing when to ‘quit designing’ and ‘just launch already!’ We had so much fun with this project! 

Best part of the project:

All of it! 

Alhough we enjoy creating within a variety of different styles, The Joyful Pooch is very much in our design aesthetic, which we thorougly enjoyed.

The Joyful Pooch Brand style guide 1
The Joyful Pooch Brand style guide 2
The Joyful Pooch Brand style guide 3
The Joyful Pooch Brand style guide 4
the joyful pooch business card

Order pack-ins

the joyful pooch packins

Instagram memes + stock photos

the joyful pooch instagram
the joyful pooch secrets meme
the joyful pooch design elements

Apparel & product designs

the joyful pooch tshirt ads1
the joyful pooch tshirt ads2
the joyful pooch wall art

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